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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a newcomer to the field of hair removal. Since its entrance to the field in the late 1990’s, millions of people have been lucky enough to get rid of their hair by this method. Most of them are still enjoying a hair free life.

Laser Hair Removal works by concentrating on the hair follicle. It bypasses the skin and goes directly to the follicle, which absorbs the laser pulse and disables the hair follicle. However, lasers are only effective on follicles that are in the active growth phase, which is why multiple sessions are required.

Syracuse Laser Spa is a leading provider in Central New York to offer laser hair removal technology. Laser hair removal is a new approach to hair removal that is safe, effective, and completely guaranteed!

Bikini Line

The bikini area is a difficult place to remove hair on your own. Trying to shave the area often results in nicks and cuts and the occasional razor burn. Then, once the hair starts to grow back in you are faced with itchy stubble. Some people try waxing their bikini line only to discover that the pain associated with waxing is simply unbearable. Leaving the hair in place is simply not an option with today’s fashionable bikinis and bathing suits, as the hair seems to always find a way to peek out from behind the bathing suit leaving you with embarrassing situations.

Laser hair removal solves these problems for you! Laser Hair Removal offers you an option to get rid of the hair that peeks out from behind your bathing suit. You can choose exactly how much hair you want to get rid of. Some women decide they just want the edges removed while others decided to have it all removed, this is simply up to you. With our non-invasive procedure we leave the embarrassing situations at the front door.

After only a few laser hair removal sessions, you will love the new hair-free you! Unwanted hair will be one less thing that you have to think about next time you are relaxing by the pool!

Full Brazilian Bikini Procedure

We also offer the full brazilian bikini procedure for all women who wish to have all or most of their hair removed. With this procedure we can leave just a line of hair down the center or if you prefer to have it all removed we can do that as well.

We value your privacy at Syracuse Laser Spa and we do everything we can to ensure your treatments are as discreet and comfortable as possible!

After only a few short sessions you will be enjoying the new hair free you. Don’t you think it is time you picked up the phone to schedule your appointment today? Call us now at 1-800-NEW-FEEL.

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Facial Hair

Laser hair removal can get help you get rid of your unwanted facial hair for good! Our treatments are quick, easy, and guaranteed! Getting ready for a facial hair treatment is easy. All you need to do is shave twenty-four hours before your first session and be ready for a nice and short treatment procedure. About ten days after the treatment the hair in the treated area will begin to fall out. After 8 treatments you will be completely hair free!

Men’s Facial Hair

Every guy in America gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror and thinks “Ugh I gotta shave”. Shaving takes up a great amount of their time. For some men facial hair grows so quick that in order for them to keep a clean-shaven look, they have to shave twice in one day. Whether you shave once or twice, imagine if you never had to shave again!

Laser hair removal targets the hair at its root and unlike many other hair removal methods, it permanently disables the hair follicle. In order to be effective the follicle must be in the active stage of growth. This means that in order to reach all the follicles in this growth stage, multiple sessions are needed. Sessions are scheduled about every four weeks so you can expect the process to take approximately 6 to 8 months to complete.

Are you ready to take the next step to becoming hair free? Call us today at 1-800-NEW-FEEL.

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Underarm Hair

Laser Hair Removal can remove hair from almost any part of the body quickly and easily. One part of the body that many people love to start off with is the underarms. With Laser Hair Removal it takes less than five minutes to treat the underarms and the treatment results are guaranteed!

With Laser Hair Removal many people chose to have more than one area treated during one session. This is because the treatments are so quick. For example, we could treat both your underarms and some facial hair in less than fifteen minutes. Think of all the time just these two areas alone could save.

Call today and discover what it’s like to never have to shave your underarms again, guaranteed! Call 1-800-NEW-FEEL.

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Arm Hair

Some women find that they have an excessive amount of arm hair. Laser hair removal can get rid of unwanted arm hair quickly and easily. If you have been using waxing or shaving to get rid of this unwanted hair, then you need to look at Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal offers a non-invasive method to silky hair free skin!

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Leg Hair

One of our most popular laser hair removal treatment areas is the legs. Shaving your legs is very time consuming; before laser hair removal many of our clients used to shave their legs every single day. If you add up all of the time you spend shaving just your legs in a year it usually totals to over 30 hours a year.

Laser Hair Removal is the perfect answer to the unwanted leg hair. Besides getting rid of the hair it also leaves you with the silky smooth legs we all dream about. The next time you have an intimate moment you may get comments about how soft your legs are. To get this hair free look with silk smoothness you will need multiple treatment sessions. This will ensure that the laser gets rid of all the hair in the treatment area.

Please call us now at 1-800-NEW-FEEL and become one step closer to never having to shave your legs again!

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Many male swimmers and athletes have been waxing or shaving their chests for years. Now a days it’s not just the swimmers and other athletes that want that perfectly smooth looking chest, more and more men are looking to remove their chest hair. Sure you can go to the salon and get your chest hair waxed off, but waxing has intense pain and only temporary results. If you get laser hair removal you could be completely hair free in only a few sessions and at Syracuse Laser Spa the results are guaranteed!

The laser does its job by destroying the hair follicle at its root. When comparing Laser Hair Removal to other hair removal methods you will find that laser hair removal has less side effects and has a much better long term effect than the other methods. Razors leave you with cuts, while waxing leaves you in pain. With laser hair removal, you get permanent results in only a few treatments! Call today to get a free consultation 1-800-NEW-FEEL!

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Back and Shoulder Hair

The summer time and the heat are not the best times for men with excessive hair on their back and shoulders. This is especially true if they are self conscious about their hair. Traditional hair removal methods offer only a temporary solution. The hair removal process can quickly and easily get rid of unwanted back and shoulder hair. All you need to do to get started is to schedule a free consultation. At the consultation the technician will tell you all about the procedure, match you up to the perfect laser and schedule you for your first visit. At your first visit, you will be given glasses to protect you eyes and once you are in a comfortable position the procedure will begin. You will be surprised how quickly it will go and how fast you will be in and out of Syracuse Laser Spa.

Call today to find out more information and to schedule your free consultation 1-800-NEW-FEEL.

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