As of October 27, 2015, Syracuse Laser Spa and Premier Laser Spa has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Onondaga County Court. Syracuse Laser Spa has ceased operations in the Syracuse area, effective October 16, 2015.

Previous customers of Syracuse Laser Spa have the following options for continuing laser hair removal treatments:

  1. If you wish to continue with Premier Laser Spa, you may receive treatments at their Albany location, which is located at 145 Wolf Road. You may contact Premier Laser Spa at 1.866.694.1019 or email to speak with one of their  customer service representatives.
  2. If you would prefer to receive treatments closer to the Syracuse area, as part of the Bankruptcy Agreement, Miracles Hair Studio, INC is able to provide local treatments. Please contact us at (315) 637-0030 or email  In order to begin treatments, your records will need to be transferred to us from Premier. If you have been continuing your hair removal treatments, we should be able to continue for you. If you have gone a significant period of time without treatments, we will make a reasonable effort to get you started again.

Miracles Hair Studio, INC is an independently owned company, which has been serving the local community since 2004. We are NOT merging with Syracuse Laser Spa or Premier Laser Spa. We have provided laser hair removal since 2011, in our Fayetteville location and use equipment by Iridex / Cutera and Candela to give the best results possible for our clients.

In addition to assisting clients who have previous agreements with Syracuse Laser Spa and Premier Laser Spa, we are also happy to provide services at low rates from $49 per treated area, and package discounts are always available. We do not require expensive finance contracts or third party agreements.

Miracles Hair Studio, INC is not responsible for any warranties, express or implied by Premier Laser Spa or Syracuse Laser Spa.  In particular, hair removal is never guaranteed regardless of method or technique used, such as laser, electrolysis, or waxing. All hair removal treatments will require maintenance treatments over time.